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Advocacy for the Deaf and Deaf Blind


Board Directors: Jeff Crooke (Chairperson) Heather Berwick (Secretary)  David Bridge (Treasurer)

Advocates: Sylvia Dobinson and Linda Crooke

Registered Charity Number: 1173545


Tel and Text: 07874127974




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How can Network Circle for Deafness help you?

British Sign Language User

Problem all benefit worry?? STOP we can help you!

We have BSL/SSE also have relay interpreter you own choice to meeting.

Want appointment? Can come Bolton Deaf Society, come on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

We can help you!

See our website more Information

Contact how, email us, texts or come deaf society can.

Hope you enjoying watching website.




If you have a problem or you are worried about benefits, stop! We can help you.

We have BSL (Brithish Sign Language) and SSE (Sign Supported English) relay interpreters who you can meet with.

If you want an appointment you can come to Bolton Deaf Society on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

To see how we can help you browse our website for more information.

You can contact us by email, text or you can come to the Deaf Society.

We hope you enjoy looking at our website.


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Network Circle for Deafness logo


Monday - Emergency Only

Tuesday - Appointment Only

Wednesday - Appointment Only

Thursday - Appointment Only

Friday - Emergency Only



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